Cruising Log - Christmas & New Year on the Gold Coast (2006/2007)

Wednesday 20th December 2006 Tangalooma to Gold Coast

Our trip from Tangalooma to the Gold Coast was down the inside channels. We set off early to make the most of the flood tide, reaching the shallow area near Steiglitz at high tide, then using the ebb tide to assist the trip down to Southport. This means that the shallows which get down to 0.8m LAT was at high tide and therefore gave us about 1m under our mini-keels.

Continuing on, we arrive on the Gold Coast and drop anchor opposite Sovereign Island.

Saturday 30th December 2006 Southport (near Seaworld)

Today we set off to meet another four boats and raft up together ready for New Years Eve fireworks. We arrived and were met by Debbie, Zac and .. on her 46 ft cruiser "Awsome", John & Annie on their 34 ft Voyager 1040 Power Cat "Catalina" and Russell, Mary and Torrin on their 28 ft cruiser "Black Label". Later we were joined by Adam and Beverly on their cruiser.

Sunday 31st December 2006 Southport (near Seaworld)

We celebrated New Years Eve with the five boats rafted together. Our friends Carol, Daryl, BJ and Kate joined us on our boat. We saw fireworks at 9.00pm and later throughout the evening. A great night was had by all.

Soon we will set off to cruise south for the summer.