Cruising Log - Bundaberg to Mackay

Tuesday 25th July 2006 (Bundaberg to Grahams Creek, Gladston)

At 03:25 this morning we departed Port Bundaberg Marina with Bill & Toni on "Beva", a 48ft Grand Banks. There was no wind so we motored all day. Our course took us past Round Hill and between Middle and Outer Reefs and then up the narrows, which is between the mainland and Curtis Island. Just past Gladstone is the entrance to Grahams Creek where we and "Beva" anchored for the night at 17:30.

It is important to have the tide running with you during the trip up the narrows.

Wednesday 26th July 2006 (Grahams Creek to Great Keppel Island)

We departed at 09:00 with "Beva". Once again there was no wind as we motored along through the narrows. The channel is very narrow and shallow along this part. Our journey took us past Sea Hill. We arrived at Great Keppel Island at 14:30 and dropped anchor off the resort. This is the resort where our eldest son, Steven, proposed to his wife, Margo.

Thursday & Friday 27-28th July 2006 (Anchored at Great Keppel Island)

We enjoyed a lazy couple of days at anchor, venturing over to the resort with Bill and Toni ("Beva") to sightsee and a walk.

Saturday 29th July 2006 (Great Keppel Island to Pearl Bay)

At 0600 we departed with "Beva" for Pearl Bay. Once again we had a lovely day but alas no wind. We arrived at 13:30 and had sundowners on "Beva". Pearl Bay is a delightful anchorage and we could see some kind of bait fish being chased along the beach, presumably by larger fish in search of a feed.

Sunday 30th July 2006 (Pearl Bay to West Bay, Middle Percy Island)

Another early departure at 07:00 with "Beva" saw us arriving at Middle Percy at 15:00. We then went ashore with Toni & Bill. We had heard of the hut with all the memorabilia, but it was truly a sight to see. We found the lower portion of "Montage’s" centreboard which they had broken on Lady Musgrave Island a few weeks earlier. There were also items from "Catamaran Imagine" and some other boats we knew. It was not our turn to leave anything as we were not prepared, so that will have to wait for another trip, maybe on the way south.

Liz & I then walked over to the boat lagoon. There we found an emu which appeared quite tame, but we were not going to test out our theory!

Monday 31st July 2006 (Middle Percy to Prudhoe Island)

"Beva" left before us on their way to Scawfell Island, while we departed at 08:15 on our way to Mackay. The wind was light but we were able to motorsail. Our evening anchorage was Prudhoe Island, arriving at 15:15. The beach was two distinct levels of coral sand that just looked like man-made walls. The anchorage was a little rolly.

Tuesday 1st August 2006 (Prudhoe Island to Mackay)

Our departure was at 08:15 and today we would have wind – S at 9-12 knots. We had a delightful sail to Mackay, arriving at the marina at 13:50. It is worth noting that permission to enter (and leave) the harbour is required from Mackay VTS on VHF 14. This is to ensure you don’t get caught up with a tanker or other large vessels.

Mackay marina is a large marina with major facilities in the town of Mackay, which is a short bus ride. Here we will spend two days re-provisioning and refuelling. Also be aware there is supposed to be a crocadile lurking in the harbour, and from what we heard it is not a joke!