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14th April 2007: Updated the Useful Links section.
We are currently on the Gold Coast attending to some business. Until that is done our cruising is on hold, so I am taking the time to update our website.

31st March 2007: WARNING At about 7pm last weekend our friends onboard their catamaran hit a pipe leading from a dredge anchored mid-channel in the Burnet River, Bundaberg. They said the pipe was in the middle of the area between the green side of the dredge and channel markers. One of the bows struck the metal joiner ripping open one hull. Fortunately the bulkheads worked and they managed to save their boat. I understand VMR came to the rescue - great job guys! They are now on the hardstand waiting on repairs.

They sent out a Pan Pan on VHF 16 at about 7pm but there was no reply!!! They made a 000 mobile call to summon help.

Another of our friends told us that about 6 months ago he called a Mayday when a few miles out of Sydney Harbour on VHF 16. There was no reply!!! He also phoned 000 and the Police Launches just managed to arrive in time to prevent the boat from sinking.

Makes you wonder who's providing maritime safety watch on VHF 16 ??? I am being critical of the government who are supposed to provide this service, not the VMR who do a great job.

5th March 2007: Added about 1,000 photos taken on our 2006 cruise! (only the small photos so far, not the full page photos yet)

3rd March 2007: Added Anchorages & Distances in the Cruising Log section.

February 2007: We have friends who have just embarked on a round Australia cruise on a Voyager 10.4m Power Cat "Catalina". Check out their website

19th December 2006: We have now arrived back in Brisbane where we will spend some time before continuing on south to NSW after Christmas.

10th November 2006: We have completed our trip north to Cairns and are now on our way back south. As you may have noticed, we did not join the Blue Water Rally to do the world cruise. Maybe in 2008 ???.

16th September 2006: We have been in the Whitsundays for 6 weeks now. The cruising log has pictures for the latter part of our trip. I will update the older parts with pictures as soon as I get time, along with photos in the photos section. We have taken over 650 photos in the last 8 weeks, so I need to compress and catalog them first.

See Cruising Log for the latest information.