Anchorage & Distances - Cruise 2006

The following is a table of anchorages we visited and the distances we travelled (from our GPS).

Please note that we may have travelled further than necessary because of a number of factors such as tacking, sightseeing (whale watching), and change of destination along the way. All distances are in nautical miles (M). Where we did not record a distance for a stopover, the following stop will include that distance.

Southport to Gosford
Arrival Date Anchorage Distance M Accum Dist Comments
Fri 17-Feb-2006 Marina Mirage, Southport 0.0 0 Depart for cruise south
Fri 17-Feb-2006 Ballina Jetty 73.9 74 Mooring + Nice small anchorage in Mobbs Bay, good fishing; Marina at Trawler wharf, call VHF 73
Sat 18-Feb-2006 Iluka 43.6 118 Anchor in Iluka Bay (or Yamba Marina); Ferry across to Yamba
Sun 19-Feb-2006 Coffs Harbour Marina 63.8 181 see below
Mon 20-Feb-2006 Trial Bay 38.4 220 Anchor in close to Caravan Park / Jail (52 knots overnight); 2 Big Mooring buoys - do not use trawler buoy; Can also enter MacLeay River in good conditions
Tue 21-Feb-2006 Laurieton, Camden Haven 72.5 292 see below
Wed 22-Feb-2006 Sugarloaf Bay (Seal Rocks) 62.7 355 Delightful bay protected from S/SE, clear waters; Careful of isolated rocks both sides distance off bay
Fri 24-Feb-2006 St Huberts Is, Gosford 107.9 463 Arrived home

Gosford to Cairns
Arrival Date Anchorage Distance M Accum Dist Comments
Wed 07-Jun-2006 St Huberts Is, Gosford     Leave home
  Booker Bay 0.0 0 Depart 8/6/06 after refuelling, etc
Fri 09-Jun-2006 Laurieton, Camden Haven 158.8 159 Tie up to RSL club jetty, Good facilities + food at club; Careful of rock ledge part way up channel to port
Sat 10-Jun-2006 Coffs Harbour Marina 88.0 247 Marina old, nice shops/restaurants etc v.short walk
Thu 15-Jun-2006 Marine Stadium, Southport 162.6 409 Good anchorage if tucked into bay, otherwise lots wash
Wed 21-Jun-2006 Sovereign Is 10.6 420 Stay with friends, Depart 1/7/06
Sun 02-Jul-2006 Garry's Anchorage, Fraser Is 160.4 580 Nice anchorage in Sandy Straits, mozzies
Mon 03-Jul-2006 Kingfisher Resort, Fraser Is 19.3 600 Nice anchorage, good resort, care - strong current; Do the 4WD bus day tour of Fraser
Wed 05-Jul-2006 Gt Sandy Strait Marina, Urangan 13.3 613 3 marinas, good food at club, ferry to Kingfisher (Fraser Is)
Sat 15-Jul-2006 Gt Sandy Strait Marina, Urangan 30.3 643 Side trip to Fraser Is
Tue 18-Jul-2006 Port Bundaberg Marina 47.8 691 Nice marina, BBQ Friday lunch, courtesy but to town; Prawns from seafood shop, chandlery, visit Bundy factory
Tue 25-Jul-2006 Grahams Creek, Gladston 102.3 793 Quiet, mozzies
Wed 26-Jul-2006 Great Keppel Island 39.1 833 Anchored off resort - nice
Sat 29-Jul-2006 Pearl Bay 50.1 883 Delightful bay protected from S/SE
Sun 30-Jul-2006 West Bay, Middle Percy 57.5 940 Don't forget to leave something in the hut
Mon 31-Jul-2006 Prudhoe Island 39.6 980 A bit exposed so can be rolly
Tue 01-Aug-2006 Mackay Marina 29.5 1009 Modern marina, restaurants, hardstand, bus to town; Refuel here as much cheaper than in Abel Pt
Thu 03-Aug-2006 Brampton Island 21.6 1031 Not welcome at resort, nice walks
Fri 04-Aug-2006 Goldsmith Island 16.3 1047 Nice bay, dinghy over to Farrier (bommies)
Sat 05-Aug-2006 Thomas Island 10.2 1057 Nice protected, stopped for lunch, nice swimming
  Shaw Island   1057 Protected - did not go ashore - whales in bay
Sun 06-Aug-2006 Gap Beach, Lindeman Island 15.0 1072 Nice bay but awkward to land dinghy - nice walk over island
Mon 07-Aug-2006 Sawmill Beach #2, Cid Harbour 18.7 1091 Over 70 boats hiding here from SE winds
Tue 08-Aug-2006 Stonehaven #1 12.1 1103 Moorings - Here in Strong SE & was ok
Wed 09-Aug-2006 Butterfly Bay #2 4.0 1107 Moorings - Delightful Bay, bit rolly. Nice riverbeds ashore
Thu 10-Aug-2006 Blue Pearl Bay, Hayman Is   1107 Moorings - Good diving, saw whale close to shore
  Bauer Bay, South Mole Is 21.8 1129 Good anchorage, nice resort, delightful walk to top
Fri 11-Aug-2006 Airlie Beach 8.9 1138 Anchor off sailing club and dinghy ashore for provisions
  Bauer Bay, South Mole Is 8.8 1147 Fri Polynesian night - nice dinner,ordinary show
Sun 13-Aug-2006 Macona Inlet #2, Hook Is 8.8 1155 Nice anchorage, quieter than Nara Inlet
Tue 15-Aug-2006 Whitehaven opposite Hill Inlet 13.6 1169 Spectacular beach, delightful Hill Inlet walk to top
  Tongue Bay   1169 Moorings. We anchored closein, swell in some conditions
Thu 17-Aug-2006 Nara Inlet (Refuge Bay) Hook Is 15.8 1185 Can get busy in bad weather, nice walk
Fri 18-Aug-2006 Hook Is Observatory 0.0 1185 Nice. We picked up mooring, resort cheap backpackers
  Nara Inlet (Refuge Bay) Hook Is 0.0 1185 (No distances as went on another boat)
Sat 19-Aug-2006 Happy Bay, Long Is 18.1 1203 Club Crocodile, nice seafood dinner, prefer to anchor
Sun 20-Aug-2006 Airlie Beach 11.5 1214 As above. Sunday markets in park.
Mon 21-Aug-2006 Abel Point Marina 1.3 1216 Need to book for fuel (8c cheaper on new jetty), book gas; Taxi to Centro for provisions (bus not much cheaper for 2); Butcher next to Woolies will cryovac - excellent; Warning - charge berthing fee for fuel if not in marina
Tue 22-Aug-2006 Airlie Beach 1.3 1217 As above, nice meal in club
Wed 23-Aug-2006 Sawmill Bay #1, Cid Harbour 15.6 1233 as above
Thu 24-Aug-2006 Turtle Bay, Whitsunday Is   1233 Nice Bay, no turtles seen, but whales off Hemming Is
Fri 25-Aug-2006 Airlie Beach 36.7 1269 as above
Sat 26-Aug-2006 Abel Point (Anchor off breakwall)   1269 Crewed on Montage for Multihull regatta
Wed 06-Sep-2006 Abel Point Marina   1269 Book bus to airport, pickup at marina
Sun 10-Sep-2006 Abel Point (Anchor off breakwall) 1.5 1271 Careful of dragging anchor on SE side of entrance
Mon 11-Sep-2006 Woodwark Bay #2   1271 Nice protection from SE
Sat 16-Sep-2006 Abel Point (Anchor off breakwall) 19.0 1290 Cheaper fuel closed weekends
Wed 20-Sep-2006 Double Bay 10.8 1301 Small grey nurse sharks, trevally, damaged crab pot
Sat 23-Sep-2006 Gloucester Eco Resort 18.3 1319 Moorings, friendly resort caters for yachts, $20/night $70pw; Nice pool, bar and restaurant
Thu 28-Sep-2006 Bowen Marina 13.0 1332 Pile berths $9.25/night, nice town, see murals; IGA distance out of main town;Buy 5kg frozen green prawns (see cruising log)
Fri 06-Oct-2006 Cape Upstart 41.6 1374 Nice anchorage, walk ashore near point
Sun 08-Oct-2006 Cape Bowling Green 36.6 1410 Nice anchorage, not rowling like everyone says
Mon 09-Oct-2006 Horeshoe Bay, Magnetic Is 34.2 1444 Nice anchorage, careful of dragging. Nice coffee shops, etc; Bus around island or Moke hire, ferry to Townsville expensive
Sat 14-Oct-2006 Angus Is at Hinchinbrook Is 58.9 1503 Nice anchorage but nothing else - near Zoe Bay
Sun 15-Oct-2006 Mourilyan Harbour 50.6 1554 Small harbour, anchor behind yellow buoys in shallows; Easily missed entrance between mountains
Mon 16-Oct-2006 Half Moon Bay Marina, Yorkeys Knob 63.0 1617 Nice clubhouse, bus to Cairns; Do the Cape Tribulation tour through the Daintree

Cairns to Southport
Arrival Date Anchorage Distance M Accum Dist Comments
  Half Moon Bay Marina, Yorkeys Knob 0.0 0 Depart Yorkeys Knob, Cairns
Thu 02-Nov-2006 Fitzroy Is 20.2 20 Nice anchorage, good swimming, little else
Fri 03-Nov-2006 Mourilyan Harbour 44.3 65 as above
Sat 04-Nov-2006 Dunk Is 24.7 89 Nice anchorage, swimming, bar at resort; Water taxi to Mission Beach, or ferry. Doesn’t run in winds
Sun 05-Nov-2006 North Is, Brook Islands 16.9 106 Mooring - Batt fish will eat out of your hands, swimming; Protected area - no fishing !! Aerial surveillance; Absolute must
Mon 06-Nov-2006 Dunk Is 21.5 128 as above
Tue 07-Nov-2006 North Is, Brook Islands 15.7 143 as above
Wed 08-Nov-2006 Horeshoe Bay, Magnetic Is 70.9 214 as above
Sat 11-Nov-2006 Cape Bowling Green 47.9 262 as above (flat but rough outside)
Sun 12-Nov-2006 Greys Bay (Queens Bay)   262 stopover to buy more prawns !!
  Gloucester Eco Resort 82.0 344 as above - caught large blue trevally on mooring
Tue 14-Nov-2006 Gloucester Is (south in channel)   344 Protected from NE, caught large golden bream (released)
Thu 16-Nov-2006 Abel Pt Marina 25.5 370 as above
Fri 17-Nov-2006 Woodwark Bay 9.3 379 as above, Protected from SE
Tue 21-Nov-2006 Abel Pt Marina 9.5 388 as above
Tue 05-Dec-2006 Shaw Island 37.0 425 as above
Wed 06-Dec-2006 Mackay Marina 52.2 478 as above, friendly, lifted boat + antifouled waiting weather
Tue 12-Dec-2006 Hunter Is 96.4 574 Protected from SE & NE, expected change overnight
Wed 13-Dec-2006 Pearl Bay 58.5 633 as above, shovel nosed sharks and stingrays near beach
Thu 14-Dec-2006 Yellow Patch 77.4 710 A must but high tide + small seas required for access; Huge sandblow is orange, cruisers marked entrance
Fri 15-Dec-2006 Port Bundaberg 109.8 820 as above (anchored off marina overnight)
Sat 16-Dec-2006 Gt Sandy Strait Marina 46.8 867 as above
Mon 18-Dec-2006 Pelican Pt (near Wide Bay Bar) 39.3 906 Anchorage OK in fresh SE, wait overnight for bar crossing
Tue 19-Dec-2006 Tangalooma 98.1 1004 Nice anchorage but told gets rough in strong winds; No time to venture ashore but looks great
Wed 20-Dec-2006 Brown Is (near Sovereign Is) 48.6 1053 Gold Coast - back to the Riv wash!!

(Special thanks to "Catamaran Imagine" for this information.)
Hervey Bay (Urangan) to Mackay
Start Destination Approx Dist.M Comment on Destination
Hervey Bay (Urangan) Burnet River (Port of Bundaberg) 45 Port of Bundaberg Marina is excellent. It is 1.5M upriver, 16km from town. Buses every hour. This is the most suitable of the 3 marina's.
Burnet River (Port of Bundaberg) Round Hill 46 Town of Seventeen Seventy. Go in on high tide only (not visited)
Round Hill Pancake Creek Creek 12 Shallower entrance than reported. Go in no sooner than mid tide and hug the port buoys. Uncharted port buoy on Clews Point. Pass close to it. Midges in the mangroves
Bustard Head-Pancake Creek Lady Musgrave 35 Arrive when sun is overhead and at low-tide(not visitied)
Pancake Creek Creek Gladstone 30 Poor anchoring in Gladstone Harbour. Entrance to the Narrows. Must go through on the right tides to clear drying banks. Cattle cross at low tide! (not visited)
Pancake Creek Creek Cape Capricorn 45 Anchor off the Sand Blow. Sand, excellent holding in all weathers (not visited but looked good)
Cape Capricorn Hummocky Island 7 not worth the uncomfortable night
Pancake Creek Creek Hummocky Island 55 Incredible swell.Very,very rolly. Actually thrown around in galley when cooking.
Hummocky Island Rosslyn Bay Marina 27 Excellent Marina with courtesy car available and a regular bus service. 6 klm's to Yeppon.
Rosslyn Bay Marina Great Keppel Island 8 Fantastic spot. Has enough small bays to accommodate all wind directions
Rosslyn Bay Marina Port Clinton 42 All weather haven
Rosslyn Bay Marina Pearl Bay 45 Pretty bay. Can be uncomfortable in on shore winds
Rosslyn Bay Marina Island Head Creek 50 All weather haven. Excellent cyclone hole. Midgees are there in abundance. Turles sighted. Tricky to get in. Follow the northern entrance off the sand bank, hugging the rock.
Island Head Creek Percy Islands 45 Worth a visit. No safe anchorage in developed winds. Whites Bay good in a NE. Watch the midgees in the hut in West Bay
Middle Percy Is. MacKay Marina 65 Excellent Marina. Long way into town. Buses service the marina